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Be a part of the great conclave of Nonprofit leaders who actively drive change in their communities by utilizing the professional assistance and expertise offered in HillChase and championed by Derrick Hill
Grow & Expand Your Nonprofit Organization
With Derrick Hill
Exclusive access to Derrick on a real-time event as he introduces you to the possibilities you can attain with your organization. Get your burning questions duly addressed by the man himself.
Live Webinar
Where does your organization lack? What improvements do you seek? When you join HillChase, you enjoy a proper diagnosis of your Nonprofit organization as well as possible solutions.
Complimentary Assessment
Coaching & Support
We've got trained professionals whose major interest in your success. From grant research and  writing winning proposals, down to one-on-one coaching - HillChase is with you all the way
The program at HillChase is automatically built towards growth. Enrollment only heightens the fact. Your dream to put smiles on people's faces is guaranteed.
Growth and Expansion
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